Dessin La

*Japanese follows.

Look at the photos of “Dessin La”, Dai Matsuoka’s experimental project.

“Dessin La” is a series of monthly performances that took place at the Toritsudaigaku station in Tokyo.

The last 2 performances were especially exciting, as Dai Matsuoka walked out with other guest performers and did some lives at different spots around the station.

According to the timetable, the performers were supposed to arrive at the specific point on time, meeting there someone else coming from a different point to make session with. It went on until the final venue, where everyone got together to do the final live.

The basic idea of it led to the concept of LAND FES, and is beginning to be developed in a more interesting way!


街をぶらり歩きながら、複数の会場にてライブを体験してもらうというLAND FESのスタイルは、この時に生まれたものです。




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